ACORN Canada

The Ottawa South NDP riding association stands in solidarity with ACORN Canada as they defend the interests of low and moderate-income families all across the country. We raise our hats to work they have been doing, giving a voice to these families and fighting for a more just society. We applaud their tireless efforts to defend our rights, provide financial literacy education, tax and benefits services, and mobilize the leaders tomorrow.

2019 marks their 15th year of operation and we want to underline their achievements. Thanks them, Ontario’s minimum wage is higher, BC’s child support is stronger, internet is more accessible, homes are healthier, banking is kept more accountable, and people that need social assistance and disability benefits have advocates to help them. In Ottawa and Gatineau, ACORN has been on the streets protecting our neighborhoods. They have secured an 800,000$ investment from the city of Gatineau to renovate Parc Fontaine. They have secured investments in East and West end Ottawa parks. They have forced Ottawa landlords to invest millions in apartment building repairs. They have secured an appliance maintenance bylaw. And, these are just some examples of the many accomplishments of the group.

For more information, consult their website

Thank you ACORN!