Herongate Tenant Coalition

Ottawa South stands in solidarity with the Herongate Tenant Coalition.

The Herongate Tenant Coalition was formed to protect the people living in the Herongate neighborhood from the greed of developers who have been tearing down buildings and evicting community members. They are acting to stop builders, such as Timbercreek Asset Management, from destroying our neighbor’s homes in the name of profit. Not only are these actions having negative effects our friends and families by tearing the bonds that keep our community strong, they are also changing the face of the neighborhood, gentrifying it, and making it increasingly inaccessible to live in.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Herongate and condemn the attitudes and disregard of Ottawa city council members councilor Jean Cloutier and mayor Jim Watson, the provincial government and MPP John Fraser, and the federal government and MP David McGuinty along with their parties and affiliates. Their inaction had contributed to these problems and perpetuate them.

Here are newspaper articles describing the horrors faced by the residents of Herongate

We are with the Herongate community.

To donate to the Herongate Legal Defense Fund – Click here

To learn more about the issues facing Herongate, go to the Herongate Tenant Coalition website.